Bhiwadi Fire Station Control: Nagar Parishad wants to take over RIICO’s fire station

bhiwadi fire station control

Bhiwadi News. Along with its own fire station, the Nagar Parishad now also wants to take over RIICO’s Phulbagh fire station under its control. Even six years ago, the fire department of the nagar parishad had made efforts in this regard.

Once again, momentum is being shown regarding this matter. Fire department officials say that RIICO has already issued them permission to take over the fire station.

But this acceptance is many years old. Now a proposal will be brought in the budget meeting to take the station under the nagar parishad. RIICO charges service charges from industrialists.

In which some part is also for fire fighting facility. Thus, fire station is included in the essential services of RIICO. But RIICO provides resources to nagar parishad and corporations to control fire incidents in the industrial sector.

RIICO does not charge fees

RIICO Phulbagh fire station has three fire engines. The capacity of each is 12.5 thousand litres. RIICO pays Rs 27,000 to the private agency for operating each vehicle.

When a fire incident occurs, RIICO vehicles reach the spot. Since the development of the industrial area till now, RIICO vehicles have been controlling fire incidents in the area.

RIICO does not charge any fee for extinguishing the fire. There is a contracted staff of ten people on two vehicles of the nagar parishad, whose salary is one lakh rupees. Also there are seven government employee officers. Maintenance and diesel expenses of both the departments are different.

Nagar Parishad Fees for the service

After the formation of the nagar palika in 2009, staff officers remained posted on other posts including AFO till the formation of the parishad in 2014. The parishad had no arrangements to extinguish the fire. Fire NOC is issued by AFO only.

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The parishad received fire vehicles in 2022, one of which has a capacity of three and the other four and a half thousand litres. By passing a proposal in the 2023 budget meeting, a fee of Rs 5,000 and Rs 50 per km is charged for calling a fire vehicle once.

There has been a monopoly issue

In the past few days, there were many such occasions when the private agency of RIICO and the officials of the nagar parishad fire department, who had come to extinguish the fire, came face to face. Both started blaming each other.

The issue of fire is very sensitive and of earning category. Both the departments want their monopoly to remain intact. The nagar parishad has the right to give NOC. Being an industrial sector, the issue of obtaining NOC is also a big one.

A budget proposal will be presented in this regard. After that RIICO’s fire station will be operated under the nagar parishad.
Naresh Meena, FO
The consent letter is a matter before me, the decision will be taken only after seeing what is the situation in this regard.
GK Sharma, Unit Head, RIICO

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